Mattress Manufacturing Process | The Basics

The mattress manufacturing involves various processes depending on the scale of the operation. It is a vast industry with huge potential worldwide. We are stating the basic processes and the scope of mattress manufacturing can be further expanded by backward integration of mattress raw material manufacturing process.

The Processes:

  • Pasting the multiple layers of Support Material, Comfort Layer & Transition Layer. The layers can be PU Foam, Rebonded Foam, Memory Foam, Pocket Springs, Bonnel Springs etc.
  • The combination of multiple layers is allowed to dry for some hours.
  • The pasted block of multiple layers is resized into the required size using the vertical foam cutter machine.
  • The mattress is ready for getting covered. The fabric/quilting is cut into the required size for the covering process.
  • The mattress border is measured and stitched to be put around the mattress.
  • The mattress is covered with fabric using Tape Edge Sewing Machine. The labels are sewed to mattress during this process.
  • The covered mattress is put in PVC or LDPE Bags.
  • The mattress goes through a quality check process to check the size, sewing quality, dust marks.
  • The mattress is Compress and Roll Packed for shipping.

Machines Required

  • Vertical Foam Cutter
  • Spray Gun
  • Air Compresser
  • Juki Sewing Machine
  • Tape Edge Machine
  • Mattress Compress Machine
  • Mattress Roll Pack Machine